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We provide a range of boat paints that should cover most people's needs. Paints that are available; aluminum, boat deck paint, epoxy, boat bottom, fiberglass & duck boat paint. We only link you to the paints, we don't sell them.

All prices and information on this page were correct on the date of November 13th 2006.

Enamel paint (Click to enlarge)
Enamel Paint


An affordable flat marine enamel, Dutchlac Satin Enamel is a marine quality oil-based enamel with subtle, low-luster sheen. Can be used on interior or exterior surfaces. Use on surfaces such as wood, plaster, wallboard, metals and plastic.

The above Dutchlac satin enamel paint comes in a wide range of colors: white, black, tulip red, Rembrandt red, wine red, wooden shoes, white cafe, royal white, navy blue, Van Gogh yellow, antique lace, saffron, Dutch door green, bottle green, Vreetland mint, moorland green, coach green, delft green, blue horizon, summer sky, zuiderzee blue, Dutch chocolate, gingerbread, brown cafe, fieldstone, espresso, North Sea blue, spinnaker white, winter sky, grey mist, silverblade and storm cloud.

If you would like to buy this marine enamel in one of the above boat paint colors go directly to James Town Distributors. James Town offers shipping inside and outside the USA, see website for details and prices.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Hobbylinc - Apprentice boat paint, Midwest plastic model paint set, the paint is best used on wooden boats, only accept international orders online.

James Town Distributors - Boat paint, marine varnish, yacht coatings, boat finishes, primers, James Town Distributors welcome orders from outside the US as well as from inside the US.

Canal Junction - Painting your canal boat by Phil Speight, Phil Speight is trained in both graphic design and coach painting, comprehensive boat painting services for new narrow boats and re-paints.

Aluminum Boat PaintAluminum Paint - James Town offer international shipping on most of their products, browse through a range of colors of their aluminum boat paints. Duralux is another great product, they are specifically for marine coatings.

Paint Your Fiberglass BoatPainting Fiberglass - Learn how to paint your fiberglass boat. Amazon sell two books that could help you in your task. Also see tips on how to paint your boat to get the best results possible.

Boat Deck PaintDeck Paint - Links to websites of where you can buy your boat deck paint, gloss and enamel paints. Check out the websites for a wide range of prices and colors. You should find one to suit your boat.

How to Paint a BoatHow to Paint - Want to learn how to paint a boat? Here are helpful books and DVD's with descriptions, prices, shipping information, and of course of where to buy them. Some teach you how to paint fiberglass & with regards to varnishing.

Boat Paint JobsBoat Paint Jobs - They can be a big task for the do-it-yourself enthusiast, if you are new to boat painting then check out the boat paint jobs article that can guide you through the process. Buy Redtree foam rollers and roller covers.

Epoxy Boat PaintEpoxy Paint - You cannot go far wrong with James Town Distributors, they should have all the epoxy boat paint you require. Epoxy paint is a two-part paint that hardens to a shine due to the chemical reaction of the epoxy.

Boat Bottom PaintBottom Paint - Browse a selection of Sea Hawk boat bottom paints or browse James Town Distributors for a large selection of paints. Find your local store using the store locator on the Sea Hawk website.

Fiberglass Boat PaintFiberglass Paint - Find information, prices and links to fiberglass boat paint. They come in a wide range of colors, check out the provided color chart, and then buy your selection from the websites provided.

Duck Boat PaintDuck Boat Paint - Cabela's, and Hunter Specialties offer a range of paints and spray paints for duck hunting boats, blinds, hunting shacks or boat docks. The duck boat paint can come in a standard paint tin, or you can can buy it in a spray can.

Apprentice paints (Click to enlarge)
Apprentice Paints

Product No: mid910

This kit contains an assortment of popular paint colors and wood sealer for wooden boat models.
Safe and non-toxic.
Permanent acrylic paint.
Water clean up.
#4 and #6 flat paintbrush.
The following colors are provided: (2) White, (1) Antifouling Red, (1) Orange, (1) Green, (1) Grey, (1) Buff, (1) Blue, (1) Black.
Application instructions provided on package.

The apprentice boats paint kit from Midwest products company includes nine jars of assorted paint colors, three jars of wood sealer and two Paintbrushes.

Hobbylinc only accept international orders online.

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