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Boat PaintBoat Paint - We provide a range of boat paints that should cover most people's needs. Paints that are available; aluminum, boat deck paint, epoxy, boat bottom, fiberglass & duck boat paint. We only link you to the paints, we don't sell them.

Links to websites of where you can buy your boat deck paint, gloss and enamel paints. Check out the websites for a wide range of prices and colors. You should find one to suit your boat.

All prices and information on this page were correct on the date of November 9th 2006.

Non skid deck coating
Non-skid Deck Coating

$27.62/qt for 1 gt or more, $25.24/qt for 6 qt or more

Interlux is an excellent, easy to apply slip resistant polyurethane finish for decks, available in white, gray, squall blue, cream and beige.

Interdeck contains a fine aggregate and will apply easily on all substrates.
Interdeck gives a low sheen finish that helps protect against dazzle from sunlight reflected off decks.
The tough polyurethane resin protects decks against everyday wear and tear.
Suitable for all substrates.

To order this boat deck paints go to James Town Distributors.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

James Town Distributors - James Town Distributors welcome orders from outside the US as well as from inside the US, aluminum boat paint, boat deck paint and more.

Premium enamel (Click to enlarge)
Premium Enamel

Prices range from $17.97/qt for 1 qt or more, up to $21.11/qt for 6 qt or more
Prices range from $27.96/gl for 1 gl or more, up to $59.06/gl for 6 gl or more

Interlux enamels work superbly for topside, deck and fashion striping on all manner of boats/yachts. These traditional marine enamels provide a durable finish that will last 2-3 years. Available in a wide variety of colors.

Looking to buy this boat deck paint? Go to James Town Distributors. James Town welcome orders from inside and outside the US.

Urethane topcoat (Click to enlarge)
Urethane Topcoat

Go to James Town Distributors to browse the extensive range of prices and colors.

Awlgrip coatings systems aim to protect your valuable investments from harsh marine elements.

Awlgrip boat deck paint provides a durable high gloss finish to wood, fiberglass, aluminum or steel and can be applied with a roller, brush or spray gun.

With its superior resistance to sun, saltwater, chemicals and abrasion, Awlgrip is ideal for coating everything from topsides, cabin tops, decks and masts to engines.

Long lasting; high gloss.
Superior resistance to sun, saltwater, chemicals and abrasion.
Appropriate for use on fiberglass, steel and wood.
Low maintenance.
Above the waterline use only.
Available in quarts and gallons.
Custom colors available.

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