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Boat PaintBoat Paint - We provide a range of boat paints that should cover most people's needs. Paints that are available; aluminum, boat deck paint, epoxy, boat bottom, fiberglass & duck boat paint. We only link you to the paints, we don't sell them.

They can be a big task for the do-it-yourself enthusiast, if you are new to boat painting then check out the boat paint jobs article that can guide you through the process. Buy Redtree foam rollers and roller covers.

All prices and information on this page were correct on the date of November 11th 2006.

Roller trim cover 3
Roller Trim Cover 3"


Roller Covers
The Redtree dynex paint roller can be used for smooth and semi-smooth surfaces. Works well for bottom boat paint jobs, epoxy, fiberglass and resins.

Core is solvent resistant.
Short nap.
All purpose.

Buy this roller cover direct from Redden Marine. See website for shipping details.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Redden Marine - Redden Marine Supply, this website is ideal for rollers, brushes, sponges and more for your boat paint job.

Sailing World - The do-it-yourself topside boat paint jobs, related articles - Karl's paint suggestions, what you'll need.

Foam roller 7
Foam Roller 7"

7" $2.84
9" $3.18

Foam Paint Rollers
Redtree foam rollers have a short nap and are lint free. Great for boat paint jobs, epoxy, varnish and urethanes.

Core is solvent resistant.
Short nap.
Lint free.

Buy these foam paint rollers direct from Redden Marine. See website for shipping details.

Boat Paint Job Tips
If your boat's gelcoat looks faded and dull then it's time to paint your boat. Doing so will not only seal and protect the integrity of the gelcoat, but the smoother finish will also make it look and feel faster.

Each brand of topside paint has its fillers, primers, and recommended prepping methods, so it's essential to use chemically compatible products. Stick with whatever the paint manufacturer suggests.

Use a two-part product and apply with a spray gun. They provide a hard, shiny finish that will last for years but they are difficult for the novice to get good results with. They are sensitive to exact mix ratios, require perfect conditions and special equipment. For the do-it-yourselfer, it's recommended using one-part products that are designed to be applied by the roll-and-tip method - roll on and smooth with a brush.

Apply the recommended primer using the roll-and-tip method. It's recommended using a 9-inch Redtree brand foam roller cover and a 9-inch roller tray and frame. First, mix the paint and thinner according to the manufacturer's specifications. The application works best with two people: one rolling, the other tipping.

Wanting to find out more about the above article then go to Sailing World for more tips on boat paint jobs.

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