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Boat PaintBoat Paint - We provide a range of boat paints that should cover most people's needs. Paints that are available; aluminum, boat deck paint, epoxy, boat bottom, fiberglass & duck boat paint. We only link you to the paints, we don't sell them.

You cannot go far wrong with James Town Distributors, they should have all the epoxy boat paint you require. Epoxy paint is a two-part paint that hardens to a shine due to the chemical reaction of the epoxy.

All prices and information on this page were correct on the date of November 10th 2006.

Epoxy primer
Epoxy Primer

White $36.53/qt for 1 qt or more
White $109.61/gl for 1 gl or more
Gray $36.53/qt for 1 qt or more
Gray $109.61/gl for 1 gl or more

Awlgrip 545 is a two component epoxy primer with corrosion and adhesion properties for steel, aluminum, wood, and fiberglass substrates. Also used to seal filler primers, and fairing work before applying topcoats. May be applied by spray, brush, or roller. May be used above or below the waterline.

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Jamestown strives to carry and service top quality building tools and supplies. If you have a problem with your merchandise please alert them!

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James Town Distributors - James Town Distributors welcome orders from outside the US as well as from inside the US, epoxy boat paint. www.jamestowndistributors.com

Interlux epoxy primekote (Click to enlarge)
Interlux Epoxy Primekote

White - $27.06/kt for 1 kt or more, $24.74/kt for 6 kt or more

Interlux Epoxy Primekote is a white multi-purpose two-part epoxy primer for above or below the waterline. Used for resurfacing or as a gel coat before applying the Perfection sanding surfacer.

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Epoxy primer paint (Click to enlarge)
Epoxy Primer Paint

$39.44 each of $36.30 each when you buy 6 or more

Epifanes epoxy boat paint is a two-part primer with excellent adhesion and filling properties. May be used above or below the waterline. Provides a hard, strong base for the application of Epifanes Polyurethane Coatings. Epoxy Paint primer can be used on plywood and fiberglass, as well as an anti-rust primer in a two-component paint system on steel and aluminum.

High build epoxy primer (Click to enlarge)
High Build Epoxy Primer

Prices start at $36.53/qt to $109.61/gl

Epoxy boat paint is best used as a surfacer over other AwlGrip Primers and Fairing Compounds. High Build primer may be applied directly to properly prepared wood or fiberglass; however, best results are obtained when these surfaces are first sealed.

James Town Distributors offer a wide range of paints and products. To buy the above product just follow the link.

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